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The Return with an Editorial and ‘love/eros for things’

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At some point I caught myself saying ‘my blog is my life’ and I got scared. Wherever I went, whatever I saw I was thinking aloud ‘this can be a post in my blog’. I would not let go of my camera. I kept mental notes for the texts.
I kept visiting blogs, studying how to improve my blog and spent more and more hours of the day and night on social media to conquer ‘the new language’, to improve my performance and the traffic for my blog. Until I got scared. Life is not in here.

It took me these months, since April to redefine my relationship ‘with things’, my priorities, my attitude and mostly, my feeling. In the meantime:
I made a beautiful garden. I have tried new tastes. I improvised new recipes. I invited friends at home. I swam. I explored new roads, even around my house. I traveled. For me. Not to record, not “to share”. I saw again. Not through the eye of the camera.
I took many pictures recalling the innocence I used to have, the enthusiasm, the desire to keep the moments worth remembering. With the new awareness now that each and every moment will never return. Copy/Paste does not work in the field of time as no moment can be imitated.

I am preparing an album for the friends we shared our holiday together. Choosing our pictures the criterion is not the quality of the photo. I choose those that keep alive the feeling I have retained about the light, the hug, the laughter or even that difficult moment that made a bridge for us and we passed across.

As for the blog, it is not a job. I do not want to be trapped by musts and obligations.
The blog is an adjunct to my life. It is one of my activities, one of the expressions of my identity. My blog is one of ‘the things’ I do and I am.
My blog is a space like my home. I care for, I maintain because I love it and I want it to represent me, to be proud of. And I open the doors when I am ready, when I am in the mood.
My blog is also my caravan when I travel. Here I collect the treasures I find on my way. I like to believe that I reveal one of the multiple versions of ‘things’: how they look to me the moment I photograph, the feeling I have about ‘things’ when I sit down to write.
And I am showing them to you.

Yesterday I saw the film of Woody Allen for 2013, ‘Blue Jasmine’. It bothers me to see the picture of neurotic women in which W.A. returns after his tour in Europe in the company of younger women. As if he cannot bear to see women who mature in a different way than the one predicted in his ‘Annie Hall’ (film of 1977).
I am a woman growing into maturity and I would not have liked to be made into a movie by Woody Allen.

So I am back fresh ‘in the love/eros for things’ as my unforgettable friend Mimis Berahas used to say.

And I throw a rope, a platform or a boat ‘in the water of time’ to connect us all with ‘the things’ before and ‘the things’ that are to follow. I had the need to do it, for me and for you who are following my blog.
Thank you for sustaining and honoring me by your steadfast presence, your comments, your feedback that first year of life of my blog.

Wishing you all with all my heart a fresh return,


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Love/eros is in fond of the minimal, it usually starts with a glimpse 
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urban travel tales, love/eros for things


  1. paris49

    Geia sou Lisa! Hi Lisa, great and colourful story with nice photos. As over 20 years traveled in Greece and its unique islands i am time by time amazed how many fascinating places you can find in your beautiful country. Thank you so mch sharing these stories and photos with us. All the best from Finland. Matti aka Paros-:)

    A nice chappel in Georgioupolis in Crete (18 km from highway in Rethymnon and 35 km from Xania) our second home in Greece:)

    • Geia sou Matti, Never being to Finland yet, but I intend to experience your culture and wonderful countryside. Thank you so much for your comment. I wish you to continue as an ardent traveler to live and enjoy life, food & music in your second home here 🙂

  2. Katerina

    Welcome back Lizaki, loved your post, totally agree with you!
    Live life now, every moment counts….
    Live, Laugh, Love, the 3 Ls that can make the difference….. 🙂
    Big hug,

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