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Walking by the sea after a long winter…

Usually the words come first. Today, looking at the photos from my first walk by the sea, I have no words. Words do not serve me.

What I need are brushes and a huge palette of paints to catch the arrival of spring after a long cold angry winter that took us by surprise. The intensity of the weather left some of us deeply wounded.

urban travel tales, spring at Greek island, Kea

Kokka, in front of the old warehouse and the distributor of electricity at the island of Kea

urban travel tales, at the  Greek island of Kea

Kokka, remains from the old warehouse in front of the distributor of electricity at the island of Kea

We turn to nature to find a shelter for our uncertainties. To see a sign of the regeneration we are longing for; to seek a shelter, which is not to be found in our cities, in our arts, in our relationships.

urban travel tales, spring in Greek island Kea

Every year my eyes rest grateful on the caressing nuances of green, the striking yellows.

I watch the gradual surrender of the grey rocks to the blossoming of the cactus.

urban travel tales, spring in Greece

I see the double swing.

urbantraveltales, spring in Greek island Kea

The swing and the church, they are both standing there each spring waiting to receive a brush of new paint before Easter. To get ready for children’s playing, for people’s praying.

urbantraveltales, spring in Greek island Kea

Nature is here for us, generous again, renewing its unconditional gestures, its vows of presence.

It takes just a small step on the blue platform to jump and immerse in the sea of our emotions and desires.

urban travel tales, spring in Greece

After a walk in nature we return to our routine, or to our lives, refreshed. Revitalized from the abundance of fragrances, from the festive of colors. A gentle reminder of sensations. Feelings in hibernation wake up once more.

This spring we have a new chance to learn a little more about nature. Learn and understand it, respect it. We have one more chance to show how much we care.

Let’s remember that we are here temporarily to share this earth. The way of the travelers.
urbantraveltales, spring at Greek island, Kea

from Kea, on the coast of Agia Irini

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