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Discovering sweet delights in Athens, traditional & healthy

Τhe blog urban travel tales since its start in May 2012 aims at reminding the wealth of Cultural Heritage and the urgent need to take action for the protection of the environment. The blog has been awarded 3 times by blogger groups.

The posts uploaded are my original texts that appear here for the first time, thoroughly researched, edited or experienced. My approach is that of a traveler’s, not a tourist’s.

The photos are all my own, unless otherwise stated with reference to the source.

Any republishing or reproduction of the content is covered by the copyright.

Enjoy your visit!

 Lisa Samloglou

2018 © Copyright. All rights reserved

Since 1930 they make cheese pies, “oriental sweets” like galaktoboureko & kantaifi in different versions, light, delicious. This is not meant to be an advertisement.

☀️ A moment before I gasped in horror at the broken windows of deserted neoclassical buildings, the endless bars & cafe’ with lines of young people occupying their stools or hanging around, aimless at mid day, armed with gel-frozen hair and mobiles to combat their anxieties & hide their insecurities …

☀️☀️ I was just one block away from Patission Street, one of the central Athenian Avenues, not far from Kefallinias-bus-station. The memory I hold from the affluent neighborhood of my adolescence was suffering a reality shock faced with this miserable, almost dangerous reality, which is not much presented or talked about. It goes unseen by the travelers and tourists who mostly walk around Constitution Square and the beauties of Athens, naturally, if not along the beaches.

☀️☀️☀️ A tantalizing aroma of baked pastry led me by the nose few steps down in the workshop.

Curiosity DOES not kill the cat!

Vasilis gave me a few tips on how to distinguish a top quality pastry dough.
Here is a quick demo:
Οpen the thin sheet of dough, then squeeze and press it in your palm.
Οpen it again it is inspiring as a sheet of paper is for a writer!

2018 © Copyright.  All rights reserved –copyright covers all photos and texts for this blog.

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