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Save the spirit of the 31st Athens Classic Marathon

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Lisa Samloglou 
2013 © Copyright. All rights reserved

The 31st Athens Classic Marathon – 
November 10, 2013

dedicated to the memory of Grigoris Lamprakis

The city of Athens celebrates today. More than 30.000 runners participate. The community responds, greets the runners warmly, cheers them with bravos and applause. The sun is warm, the sky is blue. The strongest scenes I witness resist to be photographed or to be put into words.

urban travel tales, Athens Classic Marathon


urban travel tales, Athens Classic Marathon

urban travel tales, Athens Classic Marathon

I did not photograph the runners as they were praying to their gods. Or the man who kept running barefoot, in pain yet determined to reach and cross the termination line at the historic Kallimarmaron Stadium.
It is impossible to guess the multitude of reasons and causes or the process and the preparation that brought each one of the runners to participate in the Marathon from different countries and walks of life. 

urban travel tales, Athens Classic Marathon

urban travel tales, Athens Classic Marathon


After they terminated I saw the comforting tears of runners embracing their children, hugging their mothers and partners.
Some co-runners were 
massaging the legs of one another. 

There were runners chatting lively in groups outside the Stadium. And others walking alone. Overall there was an atmosphere of belonging, of being part of a festivity, of a legacy today.
The Athens Classic Marathon stands as a metaphor that brings the best out of everyone, the best of character and the best we have in our hearts. The best of the individual and the best of the community. At least for one day no one is a stranger in the city. 


official site for Athens Classic Marathon:

2013 © Copyright. All rights reserved 


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