Urban travel tales

Places that console me: Puglia, Apulia

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In my travels of the recent years I am visiting places, locations and communities about which I know very little. I’m one of the travelers who do not get prepared meticulously beforehand. So, I am landing at the place with a vast curiosity and little bias, I like to think. Locally I gather information, starting from the airport or the port, right from the reception point.

Landing to Brindisi via Rome I find at the airport a range of well written guide maps, comprehensible booklets informing about summer events with music, theatre & dance, art & culture, free tours to discover the many aspects of Puglia: nature, taste by visiting cellars, farmhouses , olive mills, and a number of separate mini-guides for the territories of Puglia(Italian)/Apulia (English)  like  Magna Graecia  and  Salento.

The spirit of Puglia INVESTIAMO NEL NOSTRO FUTURO. WE INVEST IN OUR FUTURE is diffused in the promotional material of Puglia/Apulia, written in IT/ENG. 

First night at Puglia my friends take me to the Fiesta di Santa Vittoria of the city of Spongano.
Spongano is a town and commune in the province of Lecce, in the Apulia region of south-east Italy, in Salento.

On the 7th, 8th and 9th of August Luci in Fiesta with music and pyrotechnics  brings a wonderful metamorphosis in Piazza Vittoria and the surrounding streets with the participation of a vivid crowd of every age.

urban travel tales

Lici di Fiesta, Fiesta di Santa Vittoria, Salento, Apulia

urban travel tales

urban travel tales, Puglia, Apulia, Fiesta di Santa Vittoria

urban travel tales

Some of the places I visit are marked by the projects and the works, the attitudes and the rituals of a community that participates in something collective, indicating a sharing of a collective unconscious. And when I talk about places I mean a town, a village, an island, a resort, a residential complex, a square or piazza, even a beach.

When the collective unconscious establishes a common language of understanding and a culture accepted and communicated by the individuals, it gives them a sense of common identity. It is the starting point for the dreams, the visions and the collective spirit that produces a project, a task.

Like the plant that before sprouting needs to be left for some time in the soil, to trust it, before it stretches out its roots, we see the flourishing and ripen of any project, any composition in an environment of calm, concentration and collectivity.

urban travel tales, Apulia, Fiesta di Santa Vittoria, Spongano

Fiesta di Santa Vittoria, 7-9 August

urban travel tales,Spongano, Salento, Apulia

urban travel tales, Spongano, Salento,


Puglia(Italian)/Apulia (English) official Tourism Portal http://goo.gl/hjpMk5
Light artist De Cagna   http://goo.gl/PJiMEQ

2013 © Copyright. All rights reserved 

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