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3 X Awarded Blog on Cultural Travel since May 2012 for the promotion of Cultural Heritage & Ecology. Authentic posts in En/Gr thoroughly edited and researched, with my photos. A traveller’s approach inspired by my vision  to see the world more beautiful, more friendly, safer. A home where everyone may find the space for active love and purposeful creativity. 

2013 © Copyright. All rights reserved

Hypnotised by the aroma of a thousand lemon trees, I sleepwalk in this first visited suburb, blurred by the festive spring green.

A Santa hat is hanging – an unusual sight in April. A teddy bear in a Santa hat is left to dry with the laundry outside in the garden, such a common view in Greece.

I stop nailed on the ground.

I start taking photos – my camera is the key to unlock the door,
to discover the secrets of this house.

urbantraveltales, storytelling is a guaranty of sanity

When the photographer becomes a detective

To whom does this bear belong?

Why is hanging on a spring day to dry?

Who lives in the house? 

urbantraveltales, storytelling is a guaranty of sanity

Storytelling is a guaranty of sanity

When curiosity is unsatisfied, when questions are not answered,
and mystery is unsolved, storytelling takes over.

Imagination can not tolerate gaps in understanding,
the mind fills up the holes of the irrational. 
emotions extend to make sense.

The storyteller steps in, it is the time of stories,
 ‘Storytelling is a guarantee of sanity’ – my chosen blog motto.

The principle of reality

I walk the step of the investigator. 
The teddy bear belongs to the dog, beloved companion of the lady.

It happened in a neighbourhood of Athens few days ago.


2013 © Copyright. All rights reserved



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