Urban travel tales

Let’s play storytelling

I am walking mesmerized by the odor of thousand lemon trees like a sleepwalker in slow motion,
eyes wandering but not seeing, enveloped in the blurring light of festive green.

I get a glimpse of the Santa hat, an unusual sight in April. A teddy bear is hanging with the laundry
left out to dry in the garden; a common practice in our Mediterranean countries.

I stop still, nailed on the ground. I start taking photos as if shooting could give me the answers.
As if the lens is the key to unlock the door, to intrude and discover the secrets of this house.

urbantraveltales, storytelling is a guaranty of sanity

When the photographer becomes a detective

To whom does this bear belong?

Why hanging here to dry?

Who lives in the house?

I made all these questions as I was shooting these photos.

urbantraveltales, storytelling is a guaranty of sanity

Storytelling is a guaranty of sanity

When curiosity remains unsatisfied,
questions still unanswered,
mystery unsolved,
Storytelling takes over.

Imagination can not stand gaps,
can not tolerate the incomprehensible,
does not excuse interruptions in the time sequence
nor holes in the continuum.

Storytelling steps in to fill in with imagery.
Like the guilty or the haunted,

the storyteller can not leave or escape the chosen scenery, unless
order is restored to chaos and meaning is attributed to the meaningless.

So, ‘storytelling is a guarantee of sanity’ and is my chosen blog motto.

The principle of reality

When checking with reality I wear the hat of the investigator, of the interviewer.
The fact is: this teddy bear belongs to this dog, beloved companion of  this lady.

It happened in a neighborhood of Athens few days ago.


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All texts and photos of the posts, unless otherwise stated, are by me.
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