Urban travel tales

a bench with a view

This blog post is an experiment in poetic prose matched with photos from the island of Kea or Tzia that have inspired it. It is reviewed by the highly acclaimed Exile Room, an art space and very active non-profit organisation operating at the centre of Athens with specific “obsession” the art & practice of documentaries. The last years they have been showing regularly distinctive documentaries from the international scene; they also organise seminars and host the most hospitable events.
Thank you Exile Room, I am very honoured to be shown in your website! 


Let me talk about these humble benches. Colour washes out, wood ages, as they stand all year next to trees sharing 

their dignity, their resilience,
strongly brushed by so much sand,
chameleons in silence.

In the spring freshly painted, benches spring up again. And we pause,

      the two of us

to relax our legs on blossomed rocks that have soften into green pillows.

Take a breath, you say,
and for a moment we are pinned there,

the two of us

absorbed by the view, mesmerised  by the metallic shine of the sea,
in a liquid embrace.

Out of so many things and moments,
fragile and simple,
ephemeral and anonymous,
one bench will stand out,
with the initials of our nick names     
carved in the middle of a heart….

2013 © Copyright. All rights reserved

urban travel tales

urban travel tales urban travel tales067

urban travel tales


2013 © Copyright. All rights reserved


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