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I have been awarded a Liebster Blog Award!

And as I am trying to keep my travel spirit while in Athens, photographing street art amid demonstrations and strikes, I get the Liebster Award from the wonderful http://www.2guystrippin.com/

It is such a great surprise! Thanks guys!

It is a recognition and a honor for my first few months of blogging. The Liebster Award is awarded to up and coming bloggers. I checked the details and I had a slight panic! lol
Now I am working on it…let you know soon.

happy blogging! Lisa

and the nominees for the LIEBSTER AWARD are…. http://goo.gl/ECWkk8


  1. Emmanuelle

    From Paris with ENORMOUS PRIDE Lili my Lili !!! You have been doing a great job : it is amazing ! Your blog is getting more dynamic & incentive each month. Bravo ! It is a good way for us here to ” take Athens temperature ” on these dark days, & keep close to the city & people we love there… Best wishes, hoping that the year to come will bring real improvements. Merry Xmas ! Bizoux

    • Thanks Emmanuelle! Haha, I love your ‘Athens temperature’ metaphor, actually now you mention it, this is what I am trying to do. Feels good if you feel it in Paris, friend, and helps you keep in touch with the Greece you have being always devoted to. Merry Christmas to all! Polla filia

    • Constantine thanks! You were the one who insisted that I should start my blog, back at the beginning ‘from Frankfurt with love’. And I am grateful to you for this and so much more…co traveling, friendship and trust included. 🙂

  2. Kat.

    Ooowwwweeee Zzzzooowwweeee!
    Well done Lisaki on your first award! Many more to follow… I’m sure….
    Keep blogging, make us proud filenada 🙂

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