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I flew from Athens to the Frankfurt Book fair 2011.
My suitcase was lost at the stopover in Zurich. I was given a night bag and the promise that my suitcase will catch me at my hotel in Germany on the next day.
I did not manage to buy a train ticket as I found no one to explain how the automatic worked. With my handbag and laptop I came out of the airport. Featherlight! I had no liquid for my contact lenses. I do not speak German. I do not know anyone in Frankfurt, even fewer in Germany now.
However, I felt less alienated than some nights at my native city.  Curiosity and excitement compensate for being a stranger. A privileged one, if you are an urban traveler. More so, since I was not expected to be somewhere at a specific time. Some people feel anxiety if they are out of their comfort zone. Others feel vertigo from freedom.
It was easy to pretend I was commuting. Like the woman siting opposite in the carriage; she told me she was coming back from a day flight to another city, she is an accountant with two children at home. Her family helps her. Like my younger self she looked proud she could take the stress.

My hotel was not far from the station. I took a taxi. It was an October night, raining softly in empty streets, in a city I had not been for more than 10 years.
Few moments later I was sitting at the cozy lounge sipping a beer. I sent an email to my friend Constantinos Bouras, the architect living in New York; sometimes a soul closest to you dwells far away.

C.Bouras wrote to  me in Greeklish: “Liza, ti wraia pou ta grafeis……! Skeftomouna, prepei na arxiseis ena blog opwsdipote, na grafeis kai na anevazeis photos….kala na peraseis sti Frankfourti, ws urban tyxodioktis k kali tyxi me to vivlio sou….!”
-translated into English: “Liza how well you write…! I was thinking, you should start a blog, to write and upload photos…enjoy Frankfurt,as an urban adventuress and good luck with your book…!”

That night my friend Constantinos gave me the idea for a blog. Hotel M. ‘s logo gave me the idea for the name. Many thanks to both!

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2012 © Copyright. All rights reserved


  1. Kat.

    Lizaki mou, so excited with your blog! You made a dream come true and this is awesome!!! I will be following you and your Urban Travel tales….. Enjoy it and keep dreaming 🙂 Love, Kat.

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