Why did I start this blog?

Following the long tradition of narratives, stories, jokes and …bread & wine that people shared when they were on the road, either for the purpose of traveling and exploring, or running away, pilgrimage, immigrating, I started this blog to share.

In my suitcase I carry notes, photos, interviews, translations and fantasies of a walker. A born storyteller I try to add some fictional glance on the everyday; otherwise it is boring, ‘reality is too tight’. I like to collect details, some neglected aspects.

This Babel of languages and this diversity we live in, is fascinating. So, though time consuming, I keep my blog Bilingual, in my native Greek and learned English. In writing & photo, in art & travel I am guided by the etymology of amateurism, ‘amare’ in Latin. To put it more literary:

At the beginning  I learned the words. The photos followed. But the images had preceded the words.
My first memories, like my loves started from the images; so when the words arrived they run after the images, to catch them.
Out of this chase derived my narratives in this blog.

Thank you for stopping by, if you like it visit more often, if you adore it follow,





  1. I am very honored to receive this award from you ‘healing wanderer’ along with your wonderful words! I will do my best to pass it to another bunch of bloggers who are part of this generous healing family! To do it right, I need a bit of time, thanks so much 🙂

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