Why did I start this blog?

Dear co-travellers,

Welcome and thank you for visiting.

This blog brings together the ingredients of travelling and telling stories & photographing;   it is the stuff that furnished “a satellite of memories”
launched in May 2012 to its orbit in the internet

Storytelling is a Guarantee of Sanity: it is the signature motto I have chosen for my blog, paraphrasing the great artist’s Louise Bourgeois “Art is a guarantee of sanity”.

Stories and travels put things into motion, things related to the mental, emotional, energetic realms of our beings. Travels, enacted in the physical space, interact with everything this space encompasses from nature and weather to animals, humans and all human-made constructs.

Both experiences of travelling and storytelling interfere with our perception of time and alter it – we have all tasted a shift in our sense of time while listening to a story or during travelling, as if the density of impressions accelerate the flow, the clock ticks faster, the pace quickens.

I have always considered storytelling and travel at the core of my creativity, of my existence. Maturity has brought a further realisation, that of the ephemeral, the fragility of the moment, our own vulnerability and the increasing need to let go of the superfluous or painful, to hold onto the meaningful and pleasant like the colourful souvenirs from travelling.
So, I started collecting
stories born out or embedded in locations and added some of my photos to make the narrative more tangible.

In the long tradition of conversational travelling, when people were walking long distances or riding horses and donkeys, they used to exchange anecdotes and jokes on the road. It was a way of relating to each other and give a hint as to their past, to their identities, a sort of passport to introduce themselves, when passports were not required. Stories were a way to amuse themselves when they sit to enjoy a cooked meal and a glass of wine.
I am humbled by this tradition. I consider myself lucky for having crossed paths early on in my life with
gifted storytellers. Most of them have passed, and it is important to keep their memory alive, for I am honoured that they have entrusted me with their stories, and their stories are safe with me.

For this older generation of storytellers have passed on to us, their apprentices, the basic principles of storytelling, and the notion that trust
is at the heart of the exchange between narrator and listener.
Whoever no longer trusts no longer speaks.

Having established this context, and this convention, my
visual narratives demanded their own safe space to breathe, to be seen and be heard. 

Blogging provides a platform easily accessible to users and visitors, it is uncensored and has a
handicraft quality that aligns with my life approach – it is practical, rooted in personal observation, incorporates research and engagement with subjects categorised as humanities or arts.

Uploading one of my blog posts with photos and tags leaves me with a feeling of accomplishment similar to a day of gardening, or redecorating my house.  This hands-on approach consists the backbone of my everyday living. 

Few years ago I returned to Academia to hone my writing skills and in 2017 earned an MFA in Creative Writing from Kingston University, UK.

Learning and movement, physical and mental, was proven to improve resilience in life’s hardships in the most uplifting way, it brings joy, pleasure, stretches the muscles of the body and the psyche.

Whatever adds to one’s personal survival kit is precious and should be sought in defiance of taboos and prejudices. Ageism is one of these taboos targeting women either to get them out of the way from high profile careers, or confine them in roles of caretakers, unpaid and mostly non-appreciated. Women their later years have the chance to explore or continue vocations and skills that had been often sacrificed or put aside in favour of more “productive” & well-paid preoccupations, when growing a family and contributing financially were the absolute priorities. 

The internet gave a chance to many women to enjoy great success, autonomy  and fun in the spotlight of the  Youtube and as Bloggers, often after they had earned their pension.

In the difficult and divisive times we live in, it is important to discover one’s own source of self-confidence, refuge and consolation for life’s mishaps at any age.

Talking about vocation, I have always felt at home with words, first in Greek, then in English. I learned photography gradually, and became more committed since 2006.
As most people I thought it necessary to become more literate, that is to read images and express myself through them; part of the power of the image is the ability to trespasses
linguistic and cultural barriers. Sometimes it feels to me like the words run after the images to catch up and interpret them, like dubbing silent films and adding title cards to plots. 

This blog was born on 12 May 2012. All you see and experience here is the outcome of time and work done with pleasure and pride with no ads or other financial rewards. Having worked in other occupations from an early age I am in a position to offer my writing for free in this space.

The number of visits and views in this blog has not stopped even for a day since the beginning – it continues far beyond the date of my most recent post. This is certainly a reward, a constant feedback beyond likes and comments.

If you find this Babel of languages and the colourful diversity we live in fascinating, you will agree with me that each one of us should try to keep it alive. From my part I have worked hard to keep my blog bilingual. It has been particularly time-consuming. 

It is extraordinary that technology allows me to show you some of my favourite places in the slow pace of a traveller – for you can find elsewhere the ‘to do list’.

The traveller spears a moment for the detail, for the hidden, the unnoticed; the traveller walks the extra mile to explore the back-streets, the less visited dusty shops. The traveller is nourished by the quiet and the melodies. The traveller respects the environment, feels like a custodian of planet’s riches not an invader or a pirate.

I should not forget to emphasise how travelling, solo travelling in particular, and the outdoors has endorsed me with unexpected yet pleasant encounters, with new discoveries. I wish to communicate with you some of the magic I have found and to prepare you for happy encounters.

At the beginning of each post I repeat in both languages En & Gr what has been my source of inspiration; early on I was motivated by the purpose and the vision to contribute in rising awareness for the preservation of Cultural Heritage, a concept and a reality that goes hand-in-hand with caring for the Environment.

Years before the climate emergency of today I have started highlighting in my blog that this dual task should be tackled as one of priority. The natural & human-made treasures are enveloped in history, but also in the stories, the habits & the customs, the food & the dances, the music & the songs, the tastes & the fragrances. Through repeating, transcribing or interpreting some of them here for you, which you may in your turn recount elsewhere, we all actively participate in adding more value to these locations. It is the value made of memory and emotion. 

It is obvious that the more we enrich our imagination with references and memories the denser the landscape or seascape becomes – ‘it talks more to us’, it becomes more eloquent. Places become characters, they open up to us, with their manners and their moods, and we connect to them, or not, we return or never again.

Locations, be it archeological sites, landscapes, forests or beaches, cities and villages, they all need our care and protection for everyone to enjoy them now and
in the future. 

I wish you to find places you love and care for them, 

and the boat sails on…          

Lisa Samloglou

The posts in this blog are well-researched authentic posts, featured in En & Gr thoroughly edited and illustrated by my photos.
*** 3 times awarded blog, often used as a source of reference for its content and photos by other websites.  

updated 4 September 2022  – all content in this blog is protected by copyright 

Hydra the port Hydra the port, 2018


  1. I am very honored to receive this award from you ‘healing wanderer’ along with your wonderful words! I will do my best to pass it to another bunch of bloggers who are part of this generous healing family! To do it right, I need a bit of time, thanks so much 🙂

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