Projects and Translations

University Postgraduate Degrees
In November 2017, I earned an MFA – Master of Fine Arts from Kingston University, UK (Merit) at the completion of a two-year-programme in Creative Writing.
In 1985, I have received an MA – Master of Arts in the Theory and Practice of Literary Translation (School of Comparative Studies) from the University of Essex, UK  (Distinction).
I remain a strong advocate of continuous education without underestimating the values of hands-on, practical, interdisciplinary learning and searching of material across time & across cultures. Reading and exposing oneself to the arts & crafts improves greatly the resilience in life’s hardships and inspires as much as commitment to loving relationships and activism. 

Writer of Fiction 
The City with the Bachelors, or rather, of the Singles
Published Collection of 6 Novellas & 1 Short Story.
published in 2005, Editions Ellinika Grammata, Athens, Greece

Nocturnal (mostly) encounters bring out invisible longings in a recognisable Athenian landscape from the years 1995 – 2005.
The atmosphere plays on the edge of the twilight-zone. The vocabulary is one of desire, of haunting fears and ghostly companions. The protagonists are solitary humans, who experience ‘singleness’ and isolation at any age in the big city.
In the words of a reviewer :
“The lonely protagonists of these stories – that map the contemporary city with dramatic accuracy and narrative vigour – come across promising encounters. Will they manage to reach out? Or they will retreat to their imaginary worlds inhabited by Humphrey Bogart or Lou Reed? To know the answer one should read the book!”

For more reviews in Greek (& translated into English) please check other Blog/ pages

Translator of fiction from English into Greek 
Hallucinating Foucault,
novel by Patricia Dunker.
Greek title 
Στα ίχνη μιας παραίσθησης για το Φουκώ
October 1999, Publisher Travlos, Athens, Greece

Something Childish but very Natural
a selection of short stories by Katherine Mansfield.
Greek title 
Κάτι παιδιάστικο μα τόσο φυσικό
March 1998, Publisher Patakis, Athens, Greece
Head of the series the poet and literary critic Spyros Tsaknias

Machine Dreams, novel by Jayne Anne Phillips.
title Μηχανές ονείρων
October 1988, Publisher Estia, Athens, Greece

Day and Night, play by Tom Stoppard. Translation – Radio adaptation
Μέρα και Νύχτα directed by George Michailidis.
A production of the Greek National Radio ERT broadcasted November 30 1986.

Translator of Greek Play into English 
Postgraduate programme in the Theory and Practice of Literary Translation, at the School of Comparative Studies, University of Essex, in UK. 
It has earned me a Master of Arts  with distinction December 11, 1985.

My MA dissertation consist of:
– a Chapter
‘On Translating Plays’ (iv-xviii) with Bibliography (pp. 110-112);
– a critical presentation on the contribution of the eminent Greek playwright Iacovos Kambanellis to the threatre & language (pp. xix-xxxxiii);

– the complete translation ready for performance of the play The Four Legs of the Table  translated from the Greek original Τα Τέσσερα Πόδια του Τραπεζιού by Iacovos Kambanellis with notes on my translation choices. 

Publisher and editor of the periodical Dental FM
What best demonstrates my first ever ambition at fourteen for pursuing a journalistic career  is the writing, editing and publishing of the commercial periodical Dental Fm for the duration of 10 years, 1994 to 2003, with no interruption, four times per year; the periodical reached the whole dental community, every dentist, lab and school for their training, as well as the two Dental Schools (Universities). 

Promotion of products aside,

A career in Marketing
For nearly three decades I have been engaged in enterpreneurial activities with emphasis in Marketing. Part of it had been to organise events and maintain all kinds of promotion used in the pre-digital era.

Reader for English Fiction at Editions Travlos
Athens, October 1997 – May 1999
Writing proposals and reviews on English novels and collections of short stories selected by the head of the literary series at the time, poet and literary critic, the late 
Spyros Tsaknias.
He will always be remembered as an excellent teacher of fiction, a mentor and friend.



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