Projects and Translations

Writer of Fiction, Author 
My novel is a work in progress, it grows together with me. 
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The City with the Bachelors, ‘Η ΠΟΛΗ ΜΕ ΤΟΥΣ ΕΡΓΕΝΗΔΕΣ’
my collection of short stories and novellas, fiction  
published in 2005, Editions Ellinika Grammata, Athens, Greece

Translator of fiction from English into Greek 
Hallucinating Foucault, novel by Patricia Dunker
Translation, title: “Στα ίχνη μιας παραίσθησης για το Φουκώ”
October 1999, Publisher Travlos, Athens, Greece

Something Childish but very Natural,
a collection of short stories by Katherine Mansfield

Translation, title: “Κάτι παιδιάστικο μα τόσο φυσικό”
March 1998. Editor of this series is the poet, literary critic Spyros Tsaknias.
Publisher Patakis, Athens, Greece

Machine Dreams, novel by Jayne Anne Phillips
Translation, title: “Μηχανές ονείρων”, October 1988
Publisher Estia, Athens, Greece

Day and Night, play by Tom Stoppard. Translation – Radio adaptation.
September 1986 – November 1986
Produced & Broadcasted by the Greek National Radio ERT on November 30 1986.
Translation – Radio adaptation by me. The play was directed by George Michailidis.

Translator of Greek Play into English 
In UK I have followed the postgraduate course in the Theory and Practice of Literary Translation, at the School of Comparative Studies, University of Essex.
It has earned me a Master of Arts  
with distinction  (December 11, 1985).

My MA dissertation contains:
– a Chapter ‘On Translating Plays’ (iv-xviii) with Bibliography (pp. 110-112);
– a critical presentation on the contribution of the eminent Greek playwright Iacovos Kambanellis to the threatre & language (pp. xix-xxxxiii);

– the complete translation ready for performance of the play The Four Legs of the Table by Iacovos Kambanellis. It has been translated from the Greek original
Τα Τέσσερα Πόδια του Τραπεζιού (pages 1 – 97), and includes numerous notes on my translation choices (pages 98-112).

Publisher and editor of journal 
I have made my living and practiced the art of commerce in my most active professional years.
I have engaged in enterpreneurial activities with emphasis in Marketing.
I have been publishing, editing and writing in the commercial periodical Dental Fm  which came out uninterrupted for the duration of 10 years, 1994-2003.  Four 
times per year, 15.000 copies per issue had been posted to reach the Greek dental community of dentists, dental labs and Universities presenting the high-tech innovations, news and events organised by the company Maurice Faraggi  S.A.,  founded in 1894, the first that has ever operated in Greece in the field of dental supplies. 

Reader for English Fiction at Editions Travlos
Athens, October 1997 – May 1999
I have been given the opportunity to write proposals and reviews on English fiction: novels and collections of short stories. Head of the literary series had been the poet, and literary critic, the late Spyros Tsaknias, whom I was lucky to have met as an excellent teacher in reading fiction and became a friend.  



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