My published book and reviews from the press in English translation :The Online official catalogue of the National Book Centre of Greece (EKEVI)

The City with the Bachelors, or rather, of the Singles
Published Collection of 6 Novellas & 1 Short Story.
published in 2005, Editions Ellinika Grammata, Athens, Greece

Nocturnal (mostly) encounters bring out invisible longings in a recognisable Athenian landscape from the years 1995 – 2005.
The atmosphere plays on the edge of the twilight-zone. The vocabulary is one of desire, of haunting fears and ghostly companions. The protagonists are solitary humans, who experience ‘singleness’ and isolation at any age in the big city.
In the words of a reviewer :
“The lonely protagonists of these stories – that map the contemporary city with dramatic accuracy and narrative vigour – come across promising encounters. Will they manage to reach out? Or they will retreat to their imaginary worlds inhabited by Humphrey Bogart or Lou Reed? To know the answer one should read the book!”

For more reviews translated into English please click below



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