University Postgraduate Degrees
In November 2017 after the completion of the two-year-approved programme in Creative Writing, I earned an MFA – Master of Fine Arts from Kingston University, UK (Merit).
Back in 1985 I have received an MA – Master of Arts in the Theory and Practice of Literary Translation (School of Comparative Studies) fro& m the University of Essex, UK  (Distinction).

I remain a strong advocate of continuous education without underestimating the values of hands-on, practical, interdisciplinary learning and independent research, as well as in site investigation and photographing.

Richmond Upon Thames, Surrey, UK - photo Lisa Samloglou 2019 ©

Ham House, Richmond Upon Thames, Surrey, UK – photo Lisa Samloglou 2019 ©

Reading and getting familiar with different cultures as well as practicing the arts & crafts improves greatly the resilience in life’s hardships as well as compassion.

Learning this language of arts and being close to nature are sources of pleasure and inspire connection with space and time as much as commitment to loving relationships.


edited 19 February 2019



Bloggers Awards 
I am honored to be nominated three times by fellow bloggers.

First, the Liebster Award received from 
I accepted  and
in my turn nominated

I received the two following Awards at a highly demanding period of my life that took me way from blogging. Much as I wanted it was impossible to comply to the rules and requirements attached to the nominations. Therefore, I do not feel entitled to post front page the two Awards, but I remain honoured, highly appreciating the people and the tradition involved.

Thank you so much the two wonderful bloggers who nominated me for:

The Very Inspiring Blogger Award on April 10th, 2013;
Archaic Sugar was first nominated:

she nominated:
who has nominated me in turn, commenting “A very special and inspiring blog, with an inviting, warm atmosphere and lovely pictures – I adore it 🙂 ”
I highly value her comment and the nomination.
Unfortunately reasons above my will, did not allow me to respond at the time. 

Very inspiring blogger award

The Very Inspiring Blogger Award


The Dragon’s Loyalty Award on April 16th, 2013 on April 16th, 2013
coming from Mike, click

and his site devoted to the Young Adult sci-fi/fantasy novel The Eye-Dancers.

The Dragon's Loyalty AwardThe Dragon’s Loyalty Award

Congratulations to all! I wish you a happy and creative life in & out of blogging!

October 13, 2014

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