Urban travel tales

Some thoughts on a Friday night at the 2d lockdown #pandemic

Kea, Tzia, urban travel tales, Katsonis
photo Lisa Samloglou

Read, Search, Question, Dream, Visualise, Travel now with your minds – everyday!
Respect boundaries and place boundaries that safeguard your own health of mind & personal sense of freedom & self-respect.
Follow the example & paradigm of people & their lives that inspire and fit your own dreams & value system.
Do not fear. Be careful. Respect the unknown.

I am on Climate Emergency strike today a Friday as part of #FridaysforFuture
Greta Thunberg counts Schoolstrike week 118 today. #ClimateStrikeOnline
please reflect on my message…

Kokka ruins at the Cycladic island of Kea, Greece