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To the Lighthouse of Saint Nicolas/ Προς το Φάρο του Άη Νικόλα

For Greek click here or look under Ταξιδιωτικά μου ημερολόγια ‘Προς το Φάρο Αγίου Νικολάου Κέας’ 

Lighthouses are terrifying as they stand isolated on rocks, left to the weather, encircled by the sea. Their blinking signals solitary presences and emits a feeling of comfort and reassurance. Lighthouses mark endings, but inspire fresh beginnings, too.

urban travel tales, Kea, Tzia
I am looking at the lighthouse of Agios Nikolaos, at the fingertip of the peninsula of Kokka which borders the gulf of Vourkari, one of the safest natural ports of the Mediterranean sea.

urban travel tales, Kea, Tzia, Vourkari

The lighthouse is located just across the port of Korissia; it marks the opening to the Aegean sea.

urban travel tales, Kea, Tzia, Lighthouse

The lighthouse is built right on the ruins of the temple of Poseidon. Today it looks like a white fortress out of stone glued as it is to the little church of Saint Nicolas, protector of the mariners in Orthodox Christian faith.
urban travel tales, Kea, Tzia, Lighthouse
Built in 1831 by The French Company of Lighthouses, this is one of the two oldest beacons in the Greek network. It is the first one that was ever lit in the islands of Cyclades and the second one in Greece. It belongs to the traditional Greek beacons, the square type, with a height of 8 meters and focal height 32 meters.

urbantraveltales, Kea, Tzia, Lighthouse

I walk in front of the ruins of the industrial community of Kokka, the warehouses and the dispersed  housing facilities, installed here at the end of the 19th century by the English owners to supply the steamboats with coal, on their way to the busy ports of the time, like Syros or Chios.

urban travel tales, Kea, Tzia, Lighthouse

I leave behind the narrow passage of Lambros Katsonis and after stopping to refresh my memory with the short historical information on the marble column I continue to the path leading to the lighthouse.

urban travel tales, Kea, Tzia, Lighthouse

The peninsula lies like a dormant camel with two hunches: on top of the one, still erect, stand two adjacent squares out of rock,  stubborn and resistant against the weather and the human neglect. Their position ensures supervision inside and outside of the harbor. Here used to sit the staff assigned to signal for the arrival of the boats (simatoreio) and to help the boats navigate safely inside-out (pilotagio).

urban travel tales, Kea, Tzia, Lighthouse

Every time I walk the path to reach the lighthouse the experience is altogether different. Is it the light, the air, or just my mood that enfold me in a totally new atmosphere each time, as if I participated in a film of another genre, romantic or comedy, drama or horror, thriller or mystery.

urban travel tales, Kea, Tzia, Lighthouse

If you visit the island of Kea or Tzia walk to the lighthouse. You will be compensated by the scenery. Stop for a moment to look around at the rocks, the sea, the seagulls, the boats and the sun.

Do you like movies that feature films in lighthouses: romantic, comedy, dramatic, horror or thriller?
What will be your kind of film at this setting?
Would you chose the sunset, a sunny or a stormy day, strong winds and clouds?

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